About the Photos on This Site

All photographs on this site were taken by Prem Subrahmanyam and are shown here for your viewing pleasure. They are not free to be reused without express permission from the author. If you wish to purchase a photograph as a high-quality enlargement mounted in a photo matte, the following is the pricing schedule:

NOTE: shipping is extra, ranging from $4 for prints up to 8 x 10 (via USPS Priority Mail) to $15 for the larger sized prints. Please e-mail Prem to discuss other shipping arrangements. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Prem's photographs have been licensed for numerous print publications, including books, magazines, brochures, and educational displays in state parks, as well as web sites, e-newsletters, and e-bay auctions. Here is the fee breakdown for stock photograph licensing:

About the Author

A true Florida native, I was born and raised in the Tallahassee, Florida area, where I have lived most of my adult life. I have since become a resident of the Orlando area, moving because of better employment opportunities than could be had in Tallahassee.

I met my wife, Joy, while finishing my BS in Computer Science at Florida State University (with minors in physics, math, and botany) and have been happily married to her for almost two decades. We homeschool our fifteen children (except for those in college now) and often take them out on field trips to view wildlife and wildflowers and to geocache. My older teenagers can even rattle off quite a few scientific names of some of the native flora.

When I'm not at home spending time with my family, out photographing native orchids, growing my own collection of (legally purchased) orchids, developing my orchid-related websites, collecting fossils or geocaching, I make my living as a software engineer, primarily in the field of 3d simulation and video game development. I am also a graphic designer and 3-d computer animator. Perhaps my most widely seen animations are in the series "Florida, the Outdoor Adventure" and "Florida Takes to the Trails", both of which have aired on PBS nationally. I have also worked on or contributed to TV effects shots for many broadcast and film productions.

I am also an award-winning photographer, and my works have been displayed in galleries and have appeared in various magazine publications, textbooks, educational displays, orchid society newsletters, and brochures. In October 2009, my article on Epidendrum magnoliae was published in Orchids - the magazine of the American Orchid Society. A number of my photos were also used in the Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera, Jay Pfahl's Orchidspecies.com website, the ISB:Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants, and PBS for related website content for their Nova series.. Most recently, two of my photos of the Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) appeared on the Proceedings of the Florida Horticultural Society.

I travel to orchid and garden societies around the state, lecturing on various orchid-related topics, but most often on Florida's native orchids. Please refer to my native orchid blog for speaking dates, locations, and times: http://flnativeorchids.blogspot.com